USAPA Approved Pickleball paddle

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Elevate your pickleball experience with the USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddle from Columbia River Pickleball. This lightweight paddle, crafted with premium materials, ensures the highest quality and durability. Its advanced technology, featuring a unique honeycomb polymer core, provides exceptional ball control and spin, making it ideal for competitive play.

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Lightweight Design

The USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddle measures 7.5 inches and is suitable for all ages. Crafted with premium materials to ensure the highest quality and durability. Available in various colors and sizes.

Versatile Performance

Includes 2 composite paddles for endless pickleball possibilities. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, suitable for players of all skill levels and ages.

Advanced Technology

Features a unique honeycomb polymer core for exceptional ball control and spin. Ideal for competitive play, providing unmatched power and precision.

Premium Material

Made with durable carbon fiber, the paddle offers excellent grip and maneuverability. Suitable for all playing conditions and perfect for both casual and professional players.

User Applications

The paddle is easy to use and maintain, featuring a comfortable grip and designed to enhance your pickleball experience. Perfect for tournaments, training, and recreational play.

Dynamic Design

Combining keywords and benefits, this paddle brings excitement to your game, offering superior performance and comfort.

Ideal for All

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this paddle caters to all skill levels and delivers exceptional results.


Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 450 × 220 × 85 cm


32 reviews for USAPA Approved Pickleball paddle

  1. H***q

    Tudo certo e recomendo o vendedor. A raquete já comprei sabendo ser boa para iniciante!!!

  2. H***z

    very nice & powerful, excellent seller

  3. S***o

    im very satisfied with both pickleball paddles. arrived ireasonably quick.

  4. O***c

    Arrived in very good condition.

  5. U***k

    Good paddle for the price.

  6. Z***t

    raquete muito boa. posso, jogabilidade, acabamento. indico! chegou antes do previsto.

  7. C***h

    Good looking paddle. 7th paddle fm this manufacturer.

  8. Y***z

    Nice product. Speedy delivery.

  9. K***f

    Very good and fast shipping

  10. J***t

    The paddle has a rough surface just as I wanted. Well balanced paddle

  11. L***v

    works pretty well

  12. L***f

    This Juciao pickleball paddle is great for the price point. It doesn’t say the thickness on the description but I think it’s 16mm thick which is really nice. The carbon fiber surface feels similar to other paddles I have & was happy with the spin and surface. The cover for 3 bucks is a deal too to protect the surface in the backpack banging against my other paddles. The shipping & communication is great too. It does say upfront it takes about a month to get here from China & I received it in about 3 weeks. The length is good too in the image it’s a touch longer than this other paddle which is advertised at 16.5″. I also like the look pretty much all black with a small logo – not a bunch of ad’s & writing on the face just simple (but that is a style preference). The grip shape is a touch odd kinda square not a traditional tennis/pickleball paddle shape but no big deal. Overall I would highly recommend the paddle.

  13. V***h

    This is definitely a high quality paddle. 16mm thick with a very nice surface for generating spin. One would think it would be more of a control paddle with its thickness, but it generates quite a lot of power which takes a little to get used to, but feels great. The handle and grip are nice quality.

    The shipping to the US was much faster than other orders I’ve gotten from China. Clearly they sent it by airplane instead of the slow boat.

  14. D***q

    Have fielded it twice at my Rec play. A little heavier than my selkirk halo. And feels like I can put more spin on the ball. The grip on the paddle is almost a leathery feel. Would swap that before actually using

  15. T***x

    This paddle has been great! Love playing with it!

  16. Y***i

    Love this paddle, it’s slightly longer than a standard paddle, allows you to hit higher and wider, It’s a great all around paddle that has some grit to help with spin. I highly recommend!

  17. P***s

    Second purchase, seller added grit to the paddle surface, added a lot of spin. Love this paddle.

  18. C***c


  19. N***y

    Nice paddle. Seems quite responsive and lots of power

  20. U***m

    The grip on the paddle was great and it played very well, especially for a $30 paddle. However, after 4 uses the handle snapped off the paddle face and it was unusable. Disappointed that it broke so easily, but I really enjoyed playing with it while it wasn’t broken.

  21. X***y

    The delivery time was reasonable and the packaging was secure. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the paddle. I haven’t tried it out yet to test it. However, the racket cover has a little defect—it’s not balanced and hard to zip up.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  22. W***u

    Great paddle for a great price. 16 days delivered to Florida, USA.

  23. V***a

    about the durability, but it is really nice when it is new! Good feeling when you hit the ball… top spin, slice, good sweet spot. I am vey satisfied. It seems a very expensive paddle. I bough it to the kids, but I would buy it for me if I had tried before buying an expensive one.

  24. I***h

    nice paddle

  25. G***n

    very good for the price. decent texture of the paddle surface.

  26. Y***o

    I like the length of this paddle over their more expensive paddle, and it plays very well!

  27. I***m

    Excellent paddle especially for the price! I’ve been using it for weeks and it has held up great.

  28. O***p

    If you can find a better paddle dollar for dollar – I’d be surprised I’ve had at least 15 beginner/intermediates try this paddle and all walked away with a good impression. This is my second paddle – no issues in over 1 month

  29. Q***e

    Received very quickly, about 14 days from start to finish to Australia. Very happy with the paddle. Great price too. Great seller. 👌

  30. L***t

    Awesome singles paddle, more head heavy than their other carbon fiber paddles. Very gritty surface and my friends are astonished of the low price I paid. Will always keep one of these paddles in my bag

  31. E***b

    Great paddle – this is my 6th juciao paddle – this one was the first one that is head heavy and weighed 8.4 oz – good plow through however a bit heavy on the static weight. A couple of my friends ordered the same paddle / so far 7.8 – 7.9 oz average, so I’m not sure, but I didn’t specify or ask for a lighter weight. This was the first time that I paid duty and taxes shipping to Canada so added 20% to the cost.

  32. J***l

    Love this paddle. Feels like a pro quality paddle from a popular manufacturer. Love the head size and handle length as well.

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