Tips from Dr. Pickle

General Pickle’s Recap: “Shout ‘Ball On’ then return the ball Waist High to the other player. If it’s easier, toss the player your ball and continue your game with the errant orb. Courtesy never goes out of style.”

General Pickle Says: When an errant ball comes on your court you should?

A.     Holler “Ball On” and then kick it back to the far court. 

B.     Bellow “Ball On” and hit it with your paddle so it rolls back to the original court.

C.     Yell “Ball On” and stop play so those who mis-played the ball can chase after it.

D.     Bark “Ball On,” pick it up and toss it back so it arrives Waist High to the other player.

E.      Shout “Ball On,” and trade the ball in your hand for the errant ball.


Time and Motion Studies reveal that “E” gets both games moving more quickly. But also important is the active phrase in “D,” which is returning the ball so it arrives Waist High. This keeps both games moving briskly. In fact, the Waist High courtesy should be practiced henever you are giving a ball to a player.