Washougal Festival video

Here is a short video from our May 2014 Festival on our club YouTube channel

Big Thanks to ALL!
I think the Festival was very successful in bringing pickleball to our local community.  Not knowing what to expect, we adapted to peoples wants fairly well.  I should have known all along that what they really want is to PLAY PICKLEBALL!
We morphed into using all of the courts for new and experienced players to play pickleball.  Some of you came Friday night, others early Saturday morning, and many who stayed and helped throughout the day wherever needed.  Everyone I saw that was new to pickleball seemed to have a good time and I expect to see those new faces at future events.
Financially we did make money to be used to supplement the new courts in Hathaway Park, although it was not a huge amount.  I will get some final figures out soon, but it looks like we net about $400.
Special thanks to the elite players, some who came down from the Seattle area to help with our event.
Good Pickling,
Mike Wolfe