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Why Become a Chapter of the

Columbia River Pickleball Club

By aligning your local group/club under an umbrella organization we can focus on the growth of Pickleball for the greater Portland area. (This is defined as 50 miles from the PDX airport.)

Share resources for events
Leverage the 501(3)c status of the club
Collaborate with the other groups and areas of the region

Only six chapters will be created in the next 12 months.  Once there are ten chapters, the board of the club will review the overall status before expanding.

All memberships identified to a chapter will have 67% held for use by that chapter for 12 months to use specifically in that area.

Each chapter leader will have a seat on the board of the Columbia River Pickleball Club.

This was approved by the current Columbia River Pickleball Club 7/18/15