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First NameLast NameGenderAgeRating (Skill)Event TypePhoneEmailTournament/Comment
MichaelWolfeMale684.5Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles360-335-1333  
MegFosterF51Beginnerrandom play 360-601-8114  
MikeWolfeMale684.5Mixed 360-335-1333 State Games of Oregon Age & Skill Mixed, July 12-13; Ralley in the Valley, Skill Mixed, August 1-3; Pickle Barrel Classic Sept 28, Mixed skill
GeraldPhillipsMale663.5Mixed doubles707 445-3306 need partner for mixed doubles 3.5 Pickle Barrel Classic 9/28/14
DonnEdwardsMale634.0Mens DBLS & Mixed DBLS360-731-5621 need partner for MDS & MXDS 4.0 Pickle Barreln Clasic 9/27 & 28/ 2014
RDFisherMale494.0Mix Doubles  Pickle Barrel Classic 2014
DavidBjorkM71?Doubles and Mixed doubles360 835 5376  
DaveMcCormickMale524.5Mens doubles(360) 772-2660 Picklebarrel Classic 2014 looking for a partner
billaverillmale674.0mens doubles360-912-2608  
VivianWestonF614.0Corvallis Spring Fling, April 24213-200-3464 Need women's doubles partner 4.0 please
Mike CairnsMale533.5 plusMens Dbls /Mix Dbls503 320 7887 im very quick and fantastic health. Available Sat and Sun
JanHirschfeldF68Beg/intJust for fun2026694956 Looking for practice partner while traveling.
HaroldStewardMale703.5Men's Doubles 70+ 541-461-1617 Washougal PB For The Ages 6/5/15
MichaelCairnsmale544.0Mixed Double 503 320 7887 I am very quick and looking for at least a very strong 3.5 or 4.0
MichaelCairnsmale544.0Men Doubles503 320 7887 I am very quick and looking for at least a very strong 3.5 or 4.0
MichaelCairnsmale543.5Mens Doubles Age Group 3.5/ 50 to 60 and Mixed Double Age group/3.5 50 to 60 503 320 7887 I am not officially rated yet, have played in 3.5 and 4.0 level, looking for partners to play with in Washougal rivers edge tourney and others. Contact me we will talk.
DaveMcCormickMale534.5mixed doubles Picklebarrel360 772-2660  
KevinCookeMale55BeginnerPlay for fun and to learn3606093317 New to this and looking for another beginner/int to play and practice in Washougal.
DarrenTillsonM554.5Future Tournaments  Looking for a 4.0/4.5 Female PB partner Age or Skill for up-coming tournaments Or/Wa
LyndaBoeselFemale65Beginner/IntermediateRandom Play360-901-9126 When I'm ready and more advanced
LyndaBoeselFemale653Mixed doubles360-901-9126 Washougal Rivers Edge
ShaphanThomasMale323.5Doubles5035159371 Looking for anyone that is serious, but also able to have some fun!
ShaphanThomasMale323.5Mixed Doubles5035159371  
JeffRobisonM574.5Mixed and Men's Doubles503-349-9213  
NorioNishiguchiM704.0Pickleball, Men's and Mixed Doubles9566555109 I am a strong 4.0
DavidLopushinskyMale634.0Doubles and Mixed Doubles250-809-1273 I am not officially rated but have played successfully with 4.0/4.5 players at Happy Trails (Surprise) and Pueblo El Mirage (El Mirage).Looking for partners for the Picklebarrel Classic 2017..
SteveWeinbergMale603.5Men's Doubles 5039369550 Newer to Pickleball long time tournament tennis player- looking for PickleBarrel partner- self rated only
StevenAlvesmale555.0mens doubles503-680-2392  
StephanieLynnfemale53beg/intDoubles and Mixed doubles360-901-1736